ABSOLUTE prime beachfront living

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Property ID : PGCS21702

RECOMMENED 19,000,000.00 ฿ - Condo for sale
254 Sq.m. 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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Ref. ID: PGCS21702

Hidden Gem – Now on the market!

ABSOLUTE prime beachfront living prized under 75,000 Bath per square meter, all in top condition -wow !
Not very often you will find a unit available at the Coconut Beach Condominium.In fact it is a rarity. This building by american architect 1990 is very well sought-after. And that’s least to say on this colorful spacious 254 square meter 3 bedroom (en-suite) apartment on the 3rd floor with high ceiling makes you feel like on 4th floor. Fully renovated and registered in foreign ownership. Excellent communal facilities and good property management. Make an appointment for inspection if you are interested.

– Direct nearly in the end of Jomtien beach
– Absolute beachfront !!
– Fantastic Ocean and Pool views
– The sunsets like a dream …
– Easy access and ON Taxi Route

– 254 Sqm. luxury newly renovated condo with 3 bedroom all en-suite
– High Ceiling get more Air and a always fresh breeze from the Ocean
– Fully furnished in contemporary style with 5 air-conditions
– Western fully equipped kitchen and water filter with Bar area
– 3 balconies with sea view
– 3 bathrooms with showers and import Japanese soaking tube/hydro jet
– 1 extra guest toilet and laundry facilities
– UPVC, UV resistant noise reducing white double glazed windows throughout
– Exclusive modern solid teakwood floor and tiles/marble floors
– 1 very large beachfront terrace over looking pool area and the Ocean/Islands

– Very private condominium, only 2 corner units each floor
– Very good economy balance in Coconut Beach Condominium
( For example … next project repaint /new color the building and more )
– Private garden with bar/BBQ area direct access to the beach
– Private undercover car parking
– Fitness center including 2 sauna/separate 1 ladies 1 gentleman
-Chill out Lounge area on 2th floor with sea view
– Satellite TV, Free Wi-Fi in Communal areas
– Free cleaning of condo 1 time every week …unique in Pattaya !!
– 2 elevators
– Private post box
– Pool area with showers/extra toilets
– 24 security with CCTV
– Excellent Management and Committee

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